SignaLinkTM USB

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  • FCC Class B Certified
  • Built-in Low-noise Sound Card
  • Simple Installation and Setup
  • Complete Radio Isolation
  • USB Port Powered
  • Works with virtually ALL Radios
  • Uses Mic, Data, or Accy Port
  • Supports virtually All Sound Card Digital and Voice Modes


Operate the popular FT8 mode with the SignaLink USB! Click here for WSJT-X setup information.

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Once again Tigertronics sets the pace in digital operating! The SignaLinkTM USB sound card - radio interface combines the legendary performance of our original SignaLinkTM with a state of the art built-in low-noise USB Sound Card, delivering optimum performance while eliminating the need to attach to your computer's existing sound card.  Convenient front panel controls and simplified installation make this one of the most user-friendly interfaces on the market, continuing to show that the Tigertronics SignaLink is truly the "Ultimate sound card interface"!

Virtually ALL sound card Digital and voice modes are supported by the SignaLinkTM USB.  This includes today's hottest modes like FT8, FT4, JS8CALL, VarAC, VARA HF, VARA FM (Wide and Narrow), MSK144, PSK31, JT65, WSPR, FREEDV and EchoLink, as well as traditional modes such as RTTY, SSTV and CW.  Performance on all modes has been optimized by the use of special low-noise parts and careful design techniques, while ease of operation is provided by front panel controls that let you adjust your Transmit Audio, Receive Audio and Transmit Delay "on the fly".

The SignaLinkTM USB works with virtually ALL radios and can be attached to the Mic jack, Data Port or Accessory Port.  Most customers will want to attach the unit to the back of the radio (Data or Accy Port), as this will allow the microphone to stay plugged in.  A wide selection of Fully assembled radio cables are available for virtually all common base and mobile radios, as well as a number of Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, Baofeng, Wouxun and similar HTs.  A special un-terminated radio cable is available for radios that use a non-standard connector, or for other applications when you want to build your own radio cable.  

The SignaLinkTM USB comes fully assembled and tested.  As with all Tigertronics products, it employs Surface Mount construction, and every unit is Robotically Assembled in our own modern factory to ensure maximum performance and reliability.   All components are of the highest quality, and every unit undergoes the same stringent quality control and inspection standards that you have grown to expect from Tigertronics!  We invite you to compare every aspect of the SignaLinkTM USB to other sound card interface products.  We think you will agree that we have offered a level of innovation, quality, and value that cannot be beat!


*NOTE:  Some radio's do not have the "RX Audio" signal on the Mic connector and will require an audio cable to be installed between the SignaLink USB and the radio.  This is never an issue if you attach the SignaLink to your radio's Data or Accessory Port.

What's Included?

The SignaLink USB is supplied with the following items:  

Part Numbers & Options:

Please see our SignaLink USB Product Guide to find the part numbers that you need for your radio.

SignaLink USB Part Numbers:

NOTE:  The SignaLink USB comes with one radio cable as defined by the below part numbers.  All radio cables are approximately 3 feet in length.  The SLCAB6PM and SLCAB8PM are also available in a 6ft length for a small additional charge.


Extra Radio Cables:


Plug & Play Jumper Modules



Power Supply: USB Port Powered (max current draw is ~140ma on transmit, ~80ma nominal)
Audio Freq Response:
Approx. 200Hz - 4000+Hz @ 600 ohms**

**NOTE:  The audio bandwidth of the SignaLink USB was significantly improved in mid 2018 with the use of new surface mount audio isolation transformers and additional noise filtering.  This newer unit (Rev 200 or higher circuit board ) is required for top tier speeds using the VARA FM "Wide" mode .  Be sure to see our VARA WIDE Information for tips and suggestions! 
Sampling Size/Rate: 16 Bits, All standard rates are supported up to 48Khz
Computer OS: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8.x, 10 and Windows 11
MAC OS 9.1 or later**
MAC OS X 10.00 or later**
Computer Hardware: This depends on the program that you are running.  See your program's documentation for details.
Radio In/Out Z: 600 Ohm (nom).  TX/RX Levels are fully adjustable for compatibility with Hi-Z and Low-Z radio connections.
Auto-PTT™ Delay: Adjustable Transmit "Hang Time", 30 ms to 3 seconds.
PTT Circuit: Relay. Rating - 1A @ 24VDC (max), 0.5A @ 120VAC (max)
Radio Connection: TX Audio, RX Audio, PTT, GND - RJ-45 Female
RX Audio/Speaker - 3.5mm mono*
*Note:  This connector accepts both stereo and mono plugs but it is wired for mono operation.
Computer Connection: USB 1.1/2.0/3.x Compatible.  Standard USB "B" type connector.
USB C ports can also be used by means of an inexpensive (~$5.00) adapter from Amazon or similar sellers.
Other Connectors: Aux. Speaker - 3.5mm mono*
*NOTE:  This connector accepts both stereo and mono plugs but it is wired for mono operation.
Case: Custom extruded aluminum, powder coated
Dimensions/Weight: 1.6" x 3.2" x 3.6", 6.6 Ounces
Operating Temp: -30C to +60C
Specifications are subject to change without notice.  Tigertronics reserves the right to change specifications to improve our products, or for any other reasons that we deem necessary.
**The Mac and Linux operating systems are not officially supported by our chipset manufacturer, or Tigertronics, but they have been used with the SignaLink USB for years.
We will do our best to help you get your SignaLink working in these OS' if you call for Tech Support but please understand that we do not run this OS ourselves so support for it will be limited.
If you are not familiar with installing and configuring software/hardware in the Mac or Linux OS, then we strongly suggest that you use a different Operating System with your SignaLink.  

Additional Information:

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