SignaLink Customer Comments

NOTE:  To protect the privacy of our customers, we have omitted their ham callsign and full name.  In the interest of fairness, we have also omitted some product and company names.

Just hooked up my SignaLink USB and it works great. Especially like being able to get the audio off the back of the transceiver and getting power through the USB port on my computer. Just two wires to hook it up!!

Tnx, Mike, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Got the SignaLink USB this evening -- THANKS so much.  It really works very nicely too!!  :-p  WooHoo!

73! de Jim, La Porte, Indiana
(a VERY satisfied customer!!)

Thanks Tigertronics.  Got my SignaLink USB. Read the manual and installed the jumpers. Connected to computer and radio as instructed, and in a matter of minutes was making a PSK31 contact.

Robert    Cromwell, Kentucky

Just got the SignaLink USB in today, 10 Minutes It's running Fine. No Drivers Needed, Jumper Setting were in Pack for the Icom IC-706MkIIg. But the MacBook Pro (Intel) works Fine.. Q5!.. Thought I'd drop a Note. True (Like a Mac) Plug-N-play!  73

Jeff    Waterford, Michigan

Got my SignaLink USB Wednesday and decided to set it up tonight.  Easy, great instructions, and works fantastic. Tried it on all modes and Wonderful!!! I have the older units and will sell them to buy another one of these. Well worth the money. Thanks and another satisfied customer again !!!!

John    Woodland, Washington

This little box works great! I'm using it on both my TS-850S and my Icom 706. I use it via Skype and Ham Radio Deluxe for remote operation via the internet.

Clinton    B.C., Canada

Received the SL-1+ this afternoon and put in line with my TenTec Jupiter utilizing the 5pin DIN Acc. Plug. Works great. Especially pleased in that I can now use a Laptop that did not want to work with a Serial PTT. Thanks for a great product.

Bill    Norman, Oklahoma

Just put my second SignaLink on line with my FT-100D. Works great! The SL-1+ feature is excellent...enjoyable not having to use two radios etc. Maybe a third one someday?? (To use at the ranch in Oregon.) One suggestion. Why not just supply a dip header with the kit to get customers headed in the right direction with the SignaLink's versatility. I have mine set up for a TM-241, FT-2500, FT-100d, and FT-920. Just provide one per pack and customers can go from there. Keep building one of the best values in Amateur Radio and it's made in America.

Gary    Anderson, California

Hello again. Just wanted to add a comment. I have sent an email to many friends, along with your web site link, suggesting they join our local evening SSTV group.(2M) My comments included purchasing your sound card interface because of the quality, reasonable price, and portability. They're really missing out if they don't get on the air in other modes. In addition to my suggestion to the local hams, I have to again commend you on building such a well crafted and well thought out piece of equipment. I love this little thing! It's sort of amazing that such a little item can add so many other modes and facets of operating to a ham shack. I quit flipping TX/RX switches 3+ years ago and now with the SL-1+ I don't have to use two radios or remove the mic. Just keep building them. They really are great.

Gary    Anderson, California

I recently purchased your SL-1+ to be used as an interface on our WinLink system. After we survived 3 hurricanes in 6 weeks, last year, it was decided that we were going digital, due to the amount of traffic we were handling. I got assigned to test different methods, effective, without breaking the banks. I decided to try the SL-1+ and am pleased that I did. It turned out to be a high quality device, and it worked as described. Once the jumper settings were installed, and instructions followed, it worked perfectly. I was so pleased I bought the second unit for use with my HF station, interfaced it with an IC-740, and it works perfectly. I'm most pleased with my choice and will recommend it to the "newbie's" who come into our ARES/RACES group.

George    Winter Springs, Florida

I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with my SL1+ which I received yesterday. I have a brand new Yaesu FT-897 and the units performed together perfectly as advertised. I have been using a (product name omitted) for a long time with my Kenwood (my vacation home rig) and am happy with it, but I truly am delighted with this unit. I didn't realize how tiny it is, and since this rig is to be used for portable and DXpedition work, I'm very impressed with how well it works and how small it is (and how reasonable the price is!) My only suggestion would be to include a postage stamp sized Velcro patch to hold it to the rig, and/or four little half round clear self-adhesive plastic feet to keep the unit form sliding around on top of the rig. Keep up the great job you are doing and add me to the undoubtedly long list of very satisfied customers!

Bryan    Waterford, Michigan

My new SignaLink SL-1+ is the best piece of new ham equipment I've purchased in 30 years as a Ham! After programming the jumpers, I was "On The Air" in 30 minutes. The only thing missing from the materials was the Allen wrench to access the jumper socket (NOTE:  This is now included with the SignaLink as of April 2006... Tigertronics Sales Staff). The software loaded right up on my computer with XP Operating System and I was QRV on all bands and all modes with my FT-817. The directions were very clear, the product is clean and very well packaged, and the performance is better than I expected for the price. Compared to the price of other similar products, the SL1+ is a great bargain. Keep up the good work. By the way, I found your customer service, at the time of my order, to be courteous and truthful about shipping delays. I appreciate that. You don't promise one thing and deliver another. Thanks for a great product,

Fred    Rio Rancho, New Mexico

I love this little box, it does everything via the sound card, to the 8 pin mic cable that I could ever need. There are not a lot of products out there for the "Mac", but this one works.  Thanks Tigertronics, I hope your move went well.

Jeffrey    Batavia, Illinois

I replaced my (product name omitted) with your SignaLink SL-1+ and have no regrets. Once the jumpers were set, I was on the air making contacts in minutes (vs several days when I bought the - product name omitted). No kidding, your SL-1+ is as close to "plug and play" as it gets!

I really like the small size (for portability) and simplicity of the SL-1+. Plus it is a cute little thing and looks good sitting on top of my keyer switch. I bought this unit to test it out and it passed with flying colors. Will most likely be getting another one and eventually put my main radio(FT-1000MP)on the digi-modes.

73, Don

Model SL-1 Plus.  Good support.  It worked 100% on the ICOM IC-706MKIIg.  Great job well done.  No problem connecting to radio, all lights on RX/TX.  No bugs to report.

Gregory, United Kingdom


I had to drop you a note to thank for a great product. I received my SL-1+ a couple of days ago and I'm very impressed. For such a tiny little box, it lives up to it's manufactures name. It performs like a "tiger" in a little box. I've had TNC's over the years and this little unit out performs them hands down. I'm so impressed with this little unit I posted a " product review" for it on (copy enclosed). I am so impressed with it that I recommend it to all new and old amateur radio operators who want to get into the digital modes. Thanks again for a great product.

73, Al    British Columbia, Canada

Thank you very much for your prompt and courteous help!  The girl that took my call was very helpful and polite. That is greatly appreciated, as is the quick reply to my problem.


Bill    Saskatchewan, Canada

Thank you very much for a great product, the SignaLink SL-1+. Was very easy to get up and running, easy to operate, and having a ball on PSK-31.  Will be ordering another very soon.  Again many thanks.

Mark    Hanover, Pennsylvania

Keep up the good work. Just got my SignaLink SL-1+ yesterday. It was worth the wait. Easy set up and good documentation. I can only think of one thing that would make it better. Put some small rubber feet in the bag to allow the buyer the option of using them or not. My son is taking me to Radio Shack to get some for mine. It will keep it from sliding around on top of the radio.


Steve    Dahlonega, Georgia

On Friday of last week I received the new cable and programming head you sent. Suffice it to say that I am on the air with PSK31! I want to thank you very much for the excellent service you provided. This is a completely new mode for me, and unfortunately I'm not very technically competent in building interfaces, so your help is very much appreciated. The FT-847 is obviously problematic to interface correctly for PSK31, as I have learned through online conversations with other hams using the FT-847 with almost any type of interface. Your help to get me up and running with the Signal Link+ was a big help.  Thanks again.

Best Regards,

Noel    West Haven, UT

Appreciate the support your company provides in this day and age where support and equipment manuals that have schematics and maintenance info are sparse.

73,    Robert    Leesburg, Florida

Dear friends,

Just a note that I received my SignaLink SL-1+ today. Thank you! Within just a few minutes I had the jumpers installed and was having my very first psk31 QSO. This psk31 is fun! Thank you for a great product!

I can assure you that after many trial and error attempts with another manufacturers product, that would not key my Icom 706MK2G, it was a joy to hook up the SignaLink to the acc port and be on the air having QSOs within just a few minutes.

Again, thank you...I look forward to lots of ham radio fun with the SignaLink.

Fred    Murfreesboro, TN

That tiny box is really interesting and works great. I have so many options that I can configure several ways to key my rig.

I really like the aux audio feature. Just about any commercial interface will work. I believe the Signal Link one plus is the best. I can not find one problem with the interface. It is as advertised.

Now that I better understand PSK-31 I might be able to assist someone who otherwise might have to call customer service. Everything I needed to know and more is on that CD and in the instructions.

You are most certainly welcome to use my call as reference. The wait was well worth it.  I'll be pleased to encourage other hams to purchase the SL 1 +

Franklin    Garden Grove, California

Many thanks for the cable that allows me to use the SignaLink model SL-1+ on the Yaesu transceiver. I am glad to report that it is working 100% and I am enjoying it very much would strongly recommend it to anyone especially anyone who is going to be working portable away from home as it sure does not take up much room and it sure allows a full use of the computer to interface with the transceiver.

Miller    Richardson, Texas


Thanks for taking a moment to read my e-mail.  I just wanted to say thanks for a really good product.

I ordered the SignaLink for HF RTTY use a couple months ago and have found it to be everything you folks claimed it to be....... and more.  I've referred a lot of hams to your website to purchase the SignaLink.

Keep turning out a good product and thanks for all of your help when I was researching this product.

Thanks and 73 from Hank    Tucson, Arizona 


Just wanted to thank you for a truly fantastic product. An extremely well-designed and carefully built device. As someone with technology product management experience, I can tell you that I am very impressed with the quality of product & documentation (including CD). Works great - well worth the price. I am very pleased with this purchase.

73,    Terry    Sandy, Utah

Got my Signal Link wired to the Packet jack on the FT-1000MP, and it works great that way. 13 vdc jack is right next to it, so cabling is neat. Audio output from the packet jack is perfect and doesn't vary with the AF gain control, so I can choose to listen or not. Best thing about the Signal Link is the VOX function, so I don't have to tie up a serial port on my computer for PTT line.

One suggestion: The cable I got with the Signal Link (I got one without a plug on it so I could wire it up for the packet jack on the FT-1000) is too short! I didn't cut any off, but with a DIN plug on it, I don't have enough length to bring the Signal Link to the front of the radio, and it sits right on top. How about giving us an extra 6 inches of cable?

Thanks for a great gadget. I'm selling it to everybody.

73    Tom    Columbus, Ohio

Dear Sir

May I say how pleased I am with the SignaLink which I purchased from you, and would like to know if you are thinking of adding a mic input socket in any future development.

Regards    M.R.Everall    United Kingdom


Rarely have I been so impressed with a product that I have purchased as I am with the SignaLink. It is well-designed, well-built and well-documented (couldn't find a misspelled word in the entire instruction manual). It worked the first time I tried it. I am recommending it at my local Ham club meetings. Keep up the good work!

I do have two 'opportunities for improvement' for your consideration:

* Include an Allen wrench with the unit
* Increase the radio cable's length to maybe 3 feet and make it from cable stock that is a little less stiff.

That's it! I'm looking forward to many happy hours with this unit.

Sincerely,    George    Edgewood, Washington

Hi Tiger,

I have to report that the SignaLink works OK on the Yaesu FT-817 DATA connector. It's better to use the more sensitive microphone input on the soundcard because of the reduced level, but that is not a problem.

I am most impressed by the quality of the whole package: not just the unit itself, but the whole way in which it is presented.

73,    Pete    Netherlands

I would like to thank Tigertronics and your technical support department for making available both outstanding products and excellent customer support. I am a future Signal Link owner and I am certain after my phone conversation with tech support that your techs are very capable of answering any question I can develop. Thank You!

Sgt. Thomas    U.S. Army Signal Corps    Germany

Dear Sir,

I have now unpacked, set up and tested Your SignaLink item. I must admit I was in heavy doubt when ordered the subject item. My previous experience with American equipment is only based upon an item from a company named (name omitted), which I classified as a "pre war Taiwan" craftsmanship. Your item has in every way "killed" that reputation regarding items "made in USA". I am most impressed of the workmanship of the SignaLink. Well done ! And to the "Top Banana" ! It works like a dream. 

However, there are always something bothersome. A Dip-Header for the JP1 jumper is not easy to obtain. Why not mention this solution in your preview or when somebody order items for various Mic.-pins ? However, I am lucky, as I only goes for the Kenwood, so I just make a "double jumper " between the pin 3 - 4 and 7 -8. Thus covering all the K-woods. An Allan key 3/16 is not always an easy object to grab in the toolbox for an amateur in a "metric" country. 

As a summary; A nice piece of equipment, well done and works smoothly.

73,    Bernhard    Gressvik, Norway

FWIW, I just received and hooked up Tigertronics' new SignaLink soundcard interface. It is built like a Mac truck and very small. Really great quality. 

73,    Dave    Newport, Oregon

I received my SignaLink a little less than two weeks ago, and am happy to report that it is one fine piece of work.  I have already made 73 contacts (31 States and 8 Countries).  I would be very interested in any new products that come out.

Mike    Longview, Washington

The SignaLink sure is neat and well constructed and I look forward to a lot of fun with it.

Thanks and 73,    Max    Highlandville, Missouri

Received the SignaLink and Accessory Kit yesterday. Everything was in FB condition. Must have been a slow week at customs as they never let the package slip through. I can't really complain as they did not did not dream up a high value like they sometimes do. I only had to pay about $3.50 tax and $5.00 handling charge for the service the government provides. hi.(less than $6 US)

Wow this is great. best describes my experience with the SignaLink. If Microsoft could only get plug and play to work this well.. hi.. I was up and running in a few minutes.. Having previous experience with the computer side of the setup was a definite benefit needless to say.. I haven't found any programs that will not work, even some of the older DOS ones.

73 . .    Ken    Battleford, SK    Canada

Just wanted to let you all know how well the SignaLink fills a need:

I purchased my RS/HTX252 last fall, intending to use it for some packet work. Initial attempts to use the rig with a soundcard were unsuccessful. I didn't take the time to carefully investigate, instead purchasing an MFJ data radio.

As PSK31 has begun to peak the interest of the locals, and some wanting to test on 2-meters, I again thought about the HTX252. Having all of the serial/par. ports dedicated to other uses, I was particularly interested in the VOX capability in the SignaLink.

With the arrival I was pleased to be able to use the HTX252 for packet (this was rather unexpected). The biggest problem I had with the SignaLink was finding a cap in the parts bin that had clean leads to use for the mic/PTT as used by the HTX252 (it is one of those rigs with microphone audio and PTT on the same pin, .01uF/1K seems to work).

regards...    William    Iowa City, Iowa


I've had my SignaLink SL-1 for one week now and I can only say that it has exceeded my expectations and far exceeded your advertising. A great addition to my radio experience. Is it possible for you to email me a circuit diagram? 

Thank you,     -ck-    Lynnfield, Massachusetts

I have your SL-1 and it works GREAT for me. One problem I had though was you might want to be more specific on where the cables go from the SL-1 to the sound card inputs, other that that I had no problems installing the unit and getting on the air. 

PS the free offer with the cables and software was a plus for me.

73    George    Easton, Maryland

Well the SL-1 arrived a couple of days ago it is opened a new world in amateur radio for me, I downloaded Hamscope and now I know what those weird noises are on my HF rig. My congratulations on an excellent product, simple to interface and excellent instructions. Will demo it and along with the TM-1 trackers I have at the Logan Lake hamfest in July.

Keep the fine products happening!!!

Kevin    Avola, BC    Canada

Since I am listed in the help files of a couple digital radio software packages, I occasionally receive email inquiring about hooking up the PC-to-radio interfaces for PSK31. Lately I have a couple inquiries about the SignaLink by Tigertronics ( ) but had to reply that I was unfamiliar with the product. I know many people that are very happy with (product name omitted), so I knew that does the job and is easy to configure.

This week I received a call from (name and callsign omitted) inviting me to see his new laptop, mobile HF radio, and show him how to get on PSK31 using his new SignaLink by Tigertronics. We cruised around town looking for a quick lunch and a place to get away  from noisy Jamestown power lines, a place that provide a good spot for mobile 20M PSK operations. The band was terrible and at first we heard NO PSK31 signals. We went to a deserted and well shaded parking lot and pulled in some PSK signals. The work colleague that saw (name omitted) and I huddled close together (around the laptop) in the front seat of a car in a remote area may now be thinking that (name omitted) and are closer friends that we actually are!

Anyway, I can report that the SignaLink works, and works well. Since it does not use a serial port or CAT control to PTT the rig, I informed (name omitted) it probably has some VOX-like circuit in it. For a minute we wondered if we could have to try figure out how to put the ICOM 706 into VOX mode...without the manual ! However the SignaLink did not need it, just a click of the TX button in MixW2 and the ICOM was transmitting PSK audio. Conditions were poor so we did not have much luck working people but I simply wanted to pass along the opinions of (name omitted) and I that the SignaLink looks well worthwhile. It is a very tiny package, well designed and built. Very nicely interfaced with the rig and PC with neat looking plugs and cables. It is powered by a small 9V battery.

I have always thought that (product name omitted) was a bit pricey, so the SignaLink, at reportedly $49, seems like a good alternative to the $80+ (product name omitted). SignaLink does not use a serial port, a nice feature if you do not want to tie one up. Since it does not use the serial port you cannot use rig control macros common to many PSK software packages (Zakanaka, etc). If you want the PSK/digital software to control your rig's filters/frequencies and more, you will need a serial port (or USB?) interface between your rig and PC in addition to the Tigertronics SignaLink. Additionally, I believe (product name omitted) has the ability to connect a microphone and deactivate the microphone when using the digital modes. I am assuming that with Tigertronics one will have to manually unplug your microphone before transmitting digital modes.

Andy    Fredonia, New York

Just got my SignaLink today. I was very impressed with the quality and ease of setting it up. I was on the air in just a few minutes.

Thanks,    Tom    Honolulu, Hawaii 

Hello Folks,

Well, I recently received my new SignaLink from you guys. I'm happy to say I set the jumpers, made a power cord, hooked it up and was on the air just like that on PSK31! I had toiled with a (product name omitted) and the serial connection was trouble and it never worked.

Thanks for producing this simple interface, it's working great for me!

73 de Ed    Tucson, Arizona

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