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This page contains links to many different programs that can be used with the SignaLink interface.  Tigertronics in no way endorses or supports any of the programs listed here.  We have compiled this list only to help you in locating programs that are known to work with sound card interfaces.  Most programs work very well and provide excellent performance, but as you should expect, some programs will work better than others and some will not work at all with certain computer / sound card configurations.  We recommend that you download and evaluate several programs to determine which ones work best for you.  If you have questions about a specific program, or if you have trouble getting it to work with your system, then you will need to contact the author of the program directly for help.  Questions or problems with the operation of the SignaLink should of course be directed to our Technical Support Department.

How To Find What You Are Looking For

The programs on this page are listed in alphabetical order by program name.  To the right of each program name you will find information about the program, such as the modes and Operating Systems supported.  To help you find what you are looking for, we recommend that you use your web browsers "Find" feature (Netscape/Mozilla users press "CRTL-F") to search this page for specific "key words".  These keywords can be the mode that you are interested in (FT8, PSK, MT63, etc.), the program name (or any part of it), the operating system you want to use, etc.  When you find a program that you would like to download, simply click on the program name.  You will then be transferred automatically to the authors web site or another page where the program can be downloaded.


Windows OS Compatibility

In general, we have found that most communication programs that are designed to work in Windows XP also work just fine in all newer versions of Windows, including Windows 11.  However, this is not always the case, and some program developers have dropped support for Windows XP in their latest releases.  Please refer to each program's support documentation for the details on the supported OS' and other important information.


Sound card program setup for the SignaLink USB

Be sure to see our instructions for configuring your communication program.  If we don't have the program that you are using listed, then be sure to see the "General Setup" section as it applies to ALL sound card programs.


What digital modes and software are most popular right now?

We are often asked what digital modes and communication programs are most popular.  Below are a dozen or so digital modes and programs that we most often hear mentioned by our customers.  As noted above, Tigertronics does not endorse or support any of the programs listed, and there are many dozens of other digital modes and programs available.  In the spirit of Ham Radio, we encourage you to try them all!


Digital Modes:        FT8, FT4, JS8CALL, SSTV, RTTY, PSK31, CW, VARA FM, VARA HF, WinLink

Programs:                WSJT-X, JS8CALL, MMSSTV, MMTTY, FLdigi, Ham Radio Deluxe / Digital Master 780, MultiPSK, MRP40, VARA Modem, WinLink Express



AALog  Shareware          Windows

Logging & PSK31, CW, RTTY, Voice

Note:  Some modes require the CWType, CWGet, TrueTTY, and AAVoice programs from the same author.

AAVoice Shareware          Windows

Digital voice processor.  Uses prepared wav-files for voice transmission.

AGW Packet Engine Freeware & Shareware        Windows

300, 1200 & 9600 baud Packet, TCP/IP, APRS


1. You will also need the "AGW Terminal" program to operate Packet.  This program displays what you see on the screen.

2.  APRS requires a Windows APRS program such as AGWTracker, WinAPRS, UIView, etc.

AGWTracker Shareware        Windows

APRS with many features including weather, bread crumb trails, distance calculator, zoom, and more.

AirNav ACARS Commercial Demo          Windows

Real-time ACARS decoding with downloaded aircraft pictures

AirNav Selcal Commercial Demo          Windows

Real-time Aviation HF Selcal transmission decoding

Analyzer 2000 Shareware          Windows

Audio Frequency Analyzer, CW and PSK31

ChromaPIX Freeware        Windows


ChromaSOUND Beta        Windows

AF DSP Filter

cocoaModem Freeware        Mac

RTTY, PSK31, MFSK, Hellschreiber, CW, Sitor-B, HF Fax, and
Synchronous AM reception.

NOTE:  Earlier versions of cocoaModem are available for older OS X operating systems.

CWGet Shareware        Windows

CW ( reception only)

CWType Freeware        Windows


DAQARTA Shareware        Windows

Data Acquisition and Real-Time Analysis
Scope - Spectrum - Spectrogram - Signal Generator

Digipan Freeware        Windows


NOTE:  The digipan website appears to be down as of June 2020, so we have provided a direct download link. 

DTMF Real-Time Decoder Shareware        DOS


EchoLink Freeware         Windows

VoIP (Voice Over IP).  Communicate with other Hams around the world through the Internet.

EchoStation Shareware          Windows

Repeater control program (duplex or simplex operation).  Can also be used to automatically announce club events or ARRL bulletins.  Makes a great emergency simplex repeater.

Fldigi Freeware         Linux

CW, DominoEX 4/5/8/11/16/22, Feld-Hell, FSK-Hell, FSK-Hell 105, MFSK-8/16/16-pix, PSK31, QPSK31, PSK63, QPSK63, PSK125, QPSK125, PSK250, QPSK250, Olivia, RTTY, Throb1/2/4, ThrobX-1/X-2/X-4, Thor4/5/8/11/22, 8-PSK

Based on customer feedback, FLdigi is one of the most popular multi-mode programs available today.  This is due to the wide range of modes that it supports and the fact that it's available for multiple Operating Systems.  It's also gaining popularity for EMCOMM (Emergency Communications) use with MT-63 and the new 8-PSK mode.

FFTDSP Shareware        DOS

AF DSP software for detecting weak radio signals in real-time (EME, SETI, etc.) 

FFT Properties Shareware        Windows

Real time Scope/Spectrum analyzer

FFT Spectra SofTest Series Commercial Demo           Windows

Audio Frequency generator and analyzer - Acoustic Real Time Analyzer/Sound Monitor, FFT Audio Spectrum Analysis & Data Acquisition Software, Ultra-High Resolution Complex Signal Analysis High-Performance Data Acquisition Software, Multimedia/Audio Test Software

Flexnet Freeware/Shareware        DOS, Windows

1200 & 9600 baud Packet

NOTE:  Click here to go directly to the Flexnet download page.

GNASP1 Freeware        Windows

DSP filter & analyzer

Ham Radio Deluxe Commercial        Windows

CAT control (tuning, memories, etc.), built-in logbook, integrated DX cluster, customizable band layouts, satellite tracking interface and scanning.  Multiple instances of HRD can be ran at the same time.

Ham Radio Deluxe is a suite of programs providing CAT control and digital sound card operation.  A "CAT" / CIV interface is required if you want to control your radio, but it is NOT required for digital operation (see Digital Master 780 / DM-780 below).

Ham Radio Deluxe / Digital Master 780 Commercial        Windows

PSK31, CW, DominoEx, MFSK, MT63, Olivia, RTTY and Throb. Logbook with eQSL, ADIF, Cabrillo, Callsign Lookup and Google Earth interfaces.

Digital Master 780 is the digital operations part of the Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) suite.  It can be used with the SignaLink to operate all of the supported modes WITHOUT the need for a CAT interface. Click here for setup information.

HamScope Freeware        Windows

PSK31(BPSK/QPSK), MFSK16, RTTY, CW, ASCII, Packet (requires AGW Packet Engine)

Hellschreiber Freeware        Windows


HFTerm Freeware Beta          Linux

Pactor 1 (Transmit & Receive!), Amtor, GTOR, and RTTY

JT65-HF Freeware        Windows

Transmit and Receive the JT65A protocol on the HF bands.  This new mode is becoming quite popular due to its excellent performance on HF.

JVComm32 Shareware        Windows

WeFax (RX only), SSTV, (RX / TX), RTTY, SYNOP and NAVTEX

MIXW Shareware        Windows

SSB, AM, FM, CW, BPSK31, QPSK31, FSK31, RTTY, Packet (HF/VHF), Pactor (RX only), AMTOR (FEC), MFSK, Hellschreiber, Throb, Fax (RX only), SSTV, MT63

MMSSTV Freeware        Windows


MMTTY Freeware        Windows


MRP 40 Commercial         Windows

Transit and receive CW  from .4 to 60WPM.  Auto Tuning.  Many customers say that this is the best CW program ever. 

Mscan Meteo Commercial        Windows

FAX, NAVTEX, RTTY reception

MT63 Terminal Freeware        Windows

MT63 - The mode of choice for MARS operation!

MultiKeyer Freeware          Windows

CW/Voice Keying for EME and Meteor Scatter. Similar to WSJT.

Multimode Shareware         Mac

PSK31, RTTY, Fax, WeFax, SSTV, ACARS, Packet, DTMF and more

NOTE:  A version of Multimode is also available for MacOS 8 and 9.

MultiMon Freeware        Linux

This program supports reception of the following modes: AX.25, 1200 Baud AFSK, 2400 Baud AFSK (2 variants), 4800 Baud HAPN, 9600 Baud FSK (G3RUH), POCSAG (512, 1200 & 2400 Baud), Miscellaneous, DTMF, ZVEI

MultiPSK Shareware / Commercial       Windows

MultiPSK is a popular program that supports an unbelievable number of digital modes - too many to list here, so please see the author's website for all the details.  Here is a sample of some of the modes that are supported:

CW, RTTY, SSTV, BPSK31 (PSK31), BPSK-63-125-250, JT65 (A B and C), MT63,PACKET 110-300-1200-9600 baud (G3RUH), PACTOR 1, AMTOR FEC-Navtex, AMTOR ARQ, SITOR A, ASCII / RTTY 45-50-75-100-110-150-200, MFSK8/16/32/64, OLIVIA, Contestia, ALE,  MIL-STD-188-110A, MIL-STD-188-141A+, POCSAG, DSTAR, DMR, P25, Hellschreiber FELD HELL / FM HELL(105-245), HF FAX, TCP/IP, APT faxes.
Oscope Freeware           Unix

AF Scope & FFT

PED Freeware        DOS

CW Pileup Trainer

POC32 Shareware        Windows


PrecisionCW Freeware & Shareware        Windows

Coherent CW

PSK31LX Freeware        Linux


QSSTV Freeware        Linux


RadioCom Commercial Demo        Windows

Filter-Analyzer, Time Spectroscopes, Dual Scope, Audio-Recorder, RTTY, CW, FAX, SSTV, PSK (PSK31, Q- and B-PSK), Synop-Decoder, 3D Scanner and Sattracking

RMS Express Freeware          Windows

Send and receive email through the WinLink 2000 system using the WINMOR mode on HF, and 1200 baud Packet on VHF/UHF. See our FAQ for more details on this.

SeaTTY Shareware          Windows


Software for Sound Analysis Freeware       DOS & Windows

Audio Frequency Analyzer

NOTE:  These programs are good for older, slower computers (486 processor for DOS version).

Spectran Shareware          Windows

Real time or deferred spectral analysis and waterfall display for weak signal modes.  Can work with WSJT.

SSTV32 Shareware        Windows


Swezey Filter Shareware         Windows

Audio Frequency DSP filtering for Hams and SWLs

TrueTTY Shareware          Windows

RTTY (Baudot code), ASCII (7 or 8 bits), PSK31 (BPSK and QPSK), AMTOR-FEC (SITOR-B, NAVTEX), SELFEC SITOR, AMTOR-ARQ (SITOR-A), DTMF decoding, and MultiFSK-16. HF-PACKET and UHF-PACKET (AX25) are also supported in KISS-TNC emulation mode.

Freeware     Windows

300, 600, 1200, 2400 baud Packet plus other special Packet mode.

Soundmodem is compatible with all programs that work with the AGW Packet Engine (AGWPE).  It can be used with WinLink Express for EMCOMM.  It can also be used with other software for APRS, BBS, Satellite Packet, and regular Packet work.

W95SSTV Shareware        Windows


WinFMS / FMS32 Commercial Demo          Windows


WinPSK Freeware        Windows

PSK31 & PSK63 (includes a full duplex satellite mode).

WinWarbler Freeware          Windows

PSK31, PSK63, and RTTY

WriteLog for Windows Shareware          Windows

CW, RTTY, PSK31, and SSB, plus Contest Logging

WSJT / WSJT-X Freeware          Windows, Linux, Mac

Very popular program for weak signal communications.  WSJT supports Meteor Scatter, Tropospheric Scatter, and Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) operation.

Modes include FT8, FT4, JT4, JT9, JT65, QRA64, ISCAT, MSK144, WSPR, JTMS, FSK441, FSK315, ISCAT, and JT6M.

WXSat Freeware        Windows

HF and VHF WeFax (direct satellite reception!)

Xmit_ID Freeware        DOS

FM Transmitter Identification

Zello Free / Commercial        Windows / iOS

Zello is a popular "walkie talkie" / push-to-talk (RoIP / VoIP) program / app that lets you establish a voice link between a two way radio and a telephone, tablet or PC.  It is available in both a free (personal) version and a paid (work) version.

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