Technical Questions?


See our SignaLink USB Product Guide to find the part numbers that you need for your radio.

If you need technical assistance with one of our products, then
please see the Technical Support contact information below.
Our Sales Staff is unable to help with technical issues.




Click here if you are experiencing a problem after a Windows 10 update


NOTE:  Our Sales Staff can help with cable and part number recommendations but they are not technical, and cannot offer troubleshooting or technical assistance.  This level of support is available only by calling our Technical Support Line as noted below.  Thank you for your understanding!


Before You Contact Technical Support...

The vast majority of technical issues can be resolved with the information that is available in our written documentation and on the Support pages of our web site (click here for help with your SignaLink USB).  If you thoroughly investigate these resources, you will probably never need to contact our Support Staff.  Please take some time to read through your product manual, and then check the online support resources to be sure that you have the most current software and documentation available.  If you still need assistance, then please contact our Technical Support Staff by the appropriate method shown below.  Thank you.

How To Contact Technical Support

EMAIL - We are happy to answer simple "yes/no" type technical questions and other simple technical inquires by email, including requests for jumper settings and part number recommendations.  However, troubleshooting by email is often difficult and very time consuming, so unless you are located overseas, we ask that you please contact our Technical Support Staff by phone for troubleshooting issues.   Please click here to submit your technical questions via our on-line Contact Form.

TELEPHONE - Technical Support is available by phone every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 1 PM to 5 PM PACIFIC / 4 PM to 8 PM EASTERN, by calling (541) 862-2639.  Support is available for all Tigertronics products.  Support is NOT provided for any non-Tigertronics hardware or software products, including the programs listed on our Software pages. Our Technical Support Line is a direct tech line that will only be answered by a qualified technician or engineer. The line can be busy at times or you may reach our voicemail - especially on Mondays, or when it first opens in the afternoon, so please be patient.  You will get through to a Technician.  And when you do, you will get quality support!














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