SignaLink Model SL-1+
Sound Card - Radio Interface

  • No Serial or USB Port Required
  • Complete Radio Isolation
  • Adjustable Rx & Tx Levels
  • Variable Transmit Delay
  • Works with ALL Radios
  • Uses Mic, Data, or Accy Port
  • Supports All Available Digital
    and Voice Modes

Be sure to see our SignaLink USB FAQ for answers to the most common Questions!

The SignaLink SL-1+ provides all the features of our original SignaLink Model SL-1, "plus" more!  With full support for ALL radio Mic, Data, and Accessory Ports, the SL-1+ can be attached to the radio's Mic jack, or to the back of the radio (Data or Accy Port), so that you can keep your microphone plugged in!  This permits easy switching from Voice to Digital operation (great for SSTV!), and provides the same functionality as other more expensive interfaces.

In addition to supporting all available Digital modes, the SignaLink SL-1+ supports the latest Voice modes such as Internet Repeater Linking (EchoLink®, VOIP, etc.), Remote Base, and Voice Keyer operation.  Performance on these modes has been optimized by improving the sensitivity of our Auto-PTT circuit, and by the addition of a front panel selectable Variable Transmit Delay.   This variable delay is set at the factory for typical Voice applications, but can easily be adjusted to suit the operator's preference.

To make the installation of the SignaLink SL-1+ as easy as possible, we offer a large selection of fully assembled radio cables.   Cables are available for all of the common base/mobile Mic, Data, and Accessory Ports.  With the exception of our 13-pin cables, ALL of our radio cables are universal, and will work with ANY RADIO that uses the same connector type.  Our 13-pin cables are available in two specific configurations, one for Kenwood radios, and one for ICOM radios (they are not interchangeable).

The SignaLink SL-1+ comes fully assembled and tested.  It employs "State Of The Art" Surface Mount construction, and Robotic Assembly for maximum performance and reliability.  All components are of the highest quality, and every unit must pass stringent quality control and inspection standards.  We invite you to compare every aspect of the SignaLink to other sound card interface products.  We think you will agree that nothing else offers the same level of innovation, quality, and value! 


What's Included?

Every SignaLink is supplied with the following items:  

**NOTE:  Due to the high cost of manufacturing the 13-pin DIN cable there is an additional $5.00 charge for this item.

Part Numbers & Options:

SignaLink SL-1+ Part Numbers (please specify when ordering):

Extra Radio Cables:

Optional Cable Accessory Kit (P/N SLASSY) - Includes The Following:


Power Supply:		6.75 - 15 Volts DC @ 13 ma (nominal)
Freq Response:		300Hz - 3.3KHz
In/Out Impedance:	600 Ohm (nom)
Attenuation:		Radio to Sound Card - Adjustable
			Sound Card to Radio - Adjustable
Auto-PTT™ Delay:	Fast - 28 milliseconds
			Variable - 300 ms to 3 seconds
PTT Circuit:		MOSFET Transistor
			Rating - 15 Volts @ 75ma (max)
Radio Connector:	Mic, Spkr, Pwr, PTT - RJ-45
			Spkr - 3.5mm Mono
Sound Card Conn:	Mic Input - 3.5mm Stereo
			Spkr Output - 3.5mm Stereo
Other Connectors:	Aux. Spkr - 3.5mm Mono
			Aux. Power - 2.1mm Coaxial
Case:			Extruded Aluminum - 6061T4
Dimensions:		1.1" x 2.7" x 3.2"
Operating Temp:		-30C to +60C

Additional Information:

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