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TigerTrak Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

TigerTrak FAQ - Contains the most commonly asked non-technical questions about our TM-1 and TM-1+ GPS Tracking modules.


TigerTrak Troubleshooting

TigerTrak Troubleshooting - Contains the most common TigerTrak troubleshooting questions and problems as reported by our Technical Support Staff.


TigerTrak Configuration Program

NOTE: Tracking related software is available for download on our GPS/APRS Tracking Software Page.

The complete TigerTrak Configuration Program, as well as a separate Executable and Help file, are available for download below. To install the TigerTrak Configuration Program, unzip the files into a temporary directory and run Setup. To install the separate Executable and Help files, unzip them into your existing TigerTrak directory to overwrite the old files.

  TigerTrak Configuration Program v2.0 (2.7MB 10/15/99)

  TigerTrak Configuration Program v2.0 Executable File Only *** (125KB 10/15/99)

  TigerTrak Configuration Program Help File Only *** (30k 10/15/99)

*** NOTE:  These files are available separately to shorten download time. To use these files you must already have the TigerTrak Configuration Program installed on your computer.


Installation Manuals

The following files contain exact copies of the Installation Manuals that ship with our products. They are provided in Adobe Acrobat format so that they can be viewed and printed without any specific word processor. If you do not have the Acrobat reader, you can download it free of charge by clicking on the "Get Acrobat Reader" icon below.

    TM-1 / TM-1+ Installation Manual

    TM-1 Mic Adapter Manual


  Click on this icon to download Adobe's Acrobat Reader.


Technical Support:

If you need Technical Support, please see our Technical Support page.


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