TigerTrak Troubleshooting


Common Problems:

  1. The GPS "Lock" light never turns on.
  2. TigerTrak won't transmit.
  3. Computer won't "Connect" to the TM-1.
  4. Error message during TigerTrak software installation.


The GPS "Lock" light never turns on.

The "Lock" light only works in Tracking Mode. If it fails to turn ON, you have either selected the wrong input baud rate or your GPS is not sending the NMEA "$GPRMC" string. The baud rate should normally be set to 4800 baud.

IMPORTANT:  Because of the design of the TM-1, in some situations the LOCK light may NOT turn on if the radio is disconnected. For this reason, it is important that the radio always be connected to the TM-1 while testing the GPS.


TigerTrak won't transmit.

There are several possible causes for the TigerTrak not transmitting:
  1. GPS receiver is NOT locked.  In the Tracking mode the TigerTrak will NOT transmit unless the GPS receiver is "locked".  A locked condition is indicated by the TM-1's "Lock" LED being ON continuously (not blinking).

  2. Auto Mode OFF or Transmit Timer set to zero.  If you are using the Auto Transmit Timer, you must have the TM-1 in "Auto" mode (the "Auto" LED on the TM-1 should be ON) and the Transmit Timer must be set to something greater than zero.

  3. Mic Encoding Disabled.  If you are not using the Auto Transmit Timer, then you must have "Mic Encoding" enabled or the TigerTrak will NOT transmit.  Mic Encoding can only be enabled through the configuration program.

  4. Radio's Squelch open.  The TM-1 checks the receivers audio output (or squelch signal) before transmission to see if the channel is busy.  If it sees any activity then it will hold the transmission until the channel is clear.  If the TM-1 is connected to a radio that has an un-squelched output (most data ports are this way), then the TM-1 will NEVER transmit.

  5. Radio cable or Mic Adapter wired incorrectly.  The easiest way to verify that the radio is wired correctly is to put the TigerTrak in Test Mode (no computer connected) and verify that it keys the radio and sends test packets.  If it does not transmit in Test Mode, then make sure that the Radio's squelch is closed.  If the squelch is closed and it still doesn't transmit, then the radio wiring is the problem.  Refer to the TigerTrak manual for wiring information.


Computer won't "Connect" to the TM-1.

The most common cause of this problem is selecting the wrong serial port in the configuration program. Other possible causes include:
  1. The TM-1 is not in Test Mode. See the TigerTrak manual or on-line HELP file for instructions on getting into Test Mode.

  2. The serial cable is wired incorrectly. See the TigerTrak manual for a diagram of a correctly wired serial cable.

  3. A radio is connected to the TM-1. Disconnect the radio from the TM-1 before running the configuration software.


Error message during TigerTrak software installation.

If you experience a problem during installation, please write down the error message exactly as it is appears on the screen and then try one of the solutions listed below:
  1. Most installation problems are caused by trying to install the TigerTrak Software while some other program is running in the background. Before running SETUP, be sure ALL other programs are closed. If you have already started the SETUP program and realize that some other program is running, abort the installation, reboot your computer and re-run SETUP.

  2. If an error occurs during installation and you are given the option to "Abort, Retry or Ignore", then you should click on the "Ignore" button to continue with the installation. After the installation is complete, restart your computer and run the TigerTrak software. In most cases, the software will run without any problems. Note that this solution assumes that you are NOT running any other programs during installation (see #1 above).

  3. If the above solutions did not solve the problem or if you are having a different problem, then it might be that a conflicting program was loaded by Windows during startup, without your knowing about it. In this case, restart the computer while holding down the "SHIFT" key until Windows is loaded. This will prevent any programs from being "automatically" loaded during startup. Once Windows has started, run SETUP to install the software.


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