TigerTrakTM TM-1 and TM-1+

  • APRS Compatible Operation
  • 300 & 1200 Baud Packet (HF / VHF)
  • Works With Base, Mobile and HT Radios
  • Easy To Use Configuration Software
  • Simple Installation


The TigerTrak TM-1 and TM-1+ are highly sophisticated, fully configurable, tracking and telemetry modules. These units have been designed to meet the most stringent requirements of both the commercial and amateur user. The TM-1 employs the latest in high density "surface mount" technology, assuring high reliability and compact size. Tigertronics insures the performance of its products by utilizing its own "in house" capability for everything from Computer Aided Design through Injection Molding and full Robotic Assembly. Our mission with the TigerTrak was to produce an exceptional product at an affordable price. We think you'll agree that we met that goal!

The standard TM-1 Tracker features a single "Tracking" mode that can be configured for APRS compatibility. The TM-1+ "MultiMode" Tracker supports the basic tracking mode of the TM-1, plus several additional modes for specialized tracking and telemetry applications. The TM-1+ also features solid state power switching on the GPS receiver supply. The TigerTrak employs the latest in "Flash" microcontroller technology, allowing additional features and functions to be added without adding additional hardware. Flash technology also allows the TM-1 to be upgraded to a TM-1+ in the event your tracking requirements change! Both models come completely assembled and tested, and include an easy to use Windows Configuration Program.

The TM-1 and TM-1+ are easily interfaced to most base, mobile and hand-held radios. Since power consumption is extremely low, the units can usually be powered directly from the "accessory voltage" available on many mic connectors. The TigerTrak receives serial data (GPS, Weather Station, Telemetry, etc.) via a 9-Pin "D" connector on the rear panel. The same port is used for connection to a PC serial port during configuration. The radio connects through a six-wire RJ-11 connector. Exactly how you connect the radio depends on the specific application. For APRS and some other tracking applications, the TM-1 is inserted directly in parallel with the microphone. This allows you to use the radio for voice communications and tracking simultaneously. It also allows the mic PTT to trigger the tracker at the end of each voice transmission (mic encoding). Special circuitry in the TigerTrak allows it to "capture" the microphone input and control PTT operation without the need to "break" ANY of the mic lines! Other more primitive units require mic lines to be broken and relays or diodes to be installed to accomplish this. An optional "Mic Adapter Kit" is also available to simplify attachment to the mic connector.



Note: The TigerTrak TM-1 supports only the Tracking mode. The TM-1+ supports the Tracking mode and the other modes listed below.  Commercial users requiring special modes are encouraged to consult the factory for a quote.


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