Using the HP-200LX Palm Top

LEGACY PRODUCT NOTICE:  Our BayPac modem series (BP-1, BP-2, BP-2M and BP-96A) is no longer supported beyond the information found below and on other related pages of our website.  This is due to the fact that these modems have not been compatible with any version of Windows released in the last ~20 years, and have been replaced by much more capable hardware (SignaLink USB).



Follow the steps below to get your HP-200LX running BayCom Packet.

  1. You will need to configure your HP-200LX so that it bypasses the startup files at boot up. Refer to your HP-200LX manual for instructions for doing this.

  2. Except for the serial port selection, you should not make any changes to the SCC.INI file. If you have made any changes to this file previously, then you should reinstall the BayCom software from the original disk.

  3. Verify that the cable between your HP-200LX and your BayPac modem matches the diagram shown below.

  4. That's all there is to it.  You should be up and running!


        HP F1015A Cable                                 9-25 Pin Adapter

        Signal        HP                     9-Pin           9-Pin            Modem
        DCD          1        Black         1                 1                   8
        RXD          2        Red            3                 3                   3
        TXD          3        Brown        2                 2                   2
        DTR          4        Green         6                 6                  20
        GND         5        Yellow        5                 5                   7 
        DSR          6        Orange       4                 4                   6
        RTS          7        Violet          8                 8                   4
        CTS          8        Blue            7                 7                   5
        RI             9        Gray            9                 9                  22
        SHLD      10       Body


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