Using the HP-100LX Palm Top

Dennis Hess (KA0ZIS) provided this information on using the BayPac modem and BayCom software with the HP-100LX palmtop.

Cables And Adapters Needed

    To use the BayPac with the HP-100, you will need Hewlett Packard's serial cable #F1015-80002
    and 9-pin to 25-pin adapter #5181-6642.

Connecting The Modem

    To attach the BayPac to the HP-100, just plug one end of the serial cable into the HP-100 and plug
    the other end of the cable into the 9-pin to 25-pin adapter.  Now, plug your BayPac modem into the
    9-pin to 25-pin adapter.

Loading The BayCom Software

    Load the BayCom software onto the HP-100 and configure it like you would on any PC.  The only setting that you may have to change is the serial port selection.

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